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Car Suspension Repair in San Antonio

It's one thing to have spring in your step, but a bouncy car is something else altogether. Eliminate car suspension problems by relying on Full Service Master Car Care on Patricia Drive in San Antonio for suspension repair and wheel alignments. Our ASE-certified technicians ensure you have a steady ride again.

Suspension in San Antonio

How to Know if You Have Car Suspension Problems?

At our local and family-owned auto shop in San Antonio, we diagnose and fix all car suspension problems. Whether your vehicle is leaning, bouncing, or bottoming out, our technicians know how to fix the problem. You may have car suspension problems if you notice any of the following:

• Car Nose-Dives When Applying Brakes
• Harsh, Bumpy, or Shaky Ride
• Stiff or Noisy Steering
• Excessive Bouncing when Going Over a Bump
• Car Sways or Leans on Turns
• Uneven Tire Wear
• Fluid Leaks from Shocks & Struts
• Dented or Damaged Shocks or Struts
• Broken or Worn Mounts or Bushings

Vehicle Alignment in San Antonio

Do you need someone to help set things straight? Through car wheel alignments, we line up your wheels to reduce vehicle shaking, tire wear, and steering problems. For instance, if your car pulls to one side when driving, then your wheels have probably become misaligned. At auto repair shop in San Antonio, we offer vehicle alignment that ensures your safety on the road.

What Are Car Wheel Alignments?

Driving would be so much easier if there were no bumps or turns in the road. You'd also never have to come in for wheel alignments. Unfortunately, with every twist, turn, and bump, the alignment of your wheels is affected. In addition, poor vehicle alignment creates premature wear on your tires. Turn to our auto service in San Antonio for prompt and affordable wheel alignments for your foreign or domestic car.

Contact us about our special offers that save you money on our suspension and wheel alignment services. We proudly serve customers in San Antonio, Castle Hills, Alamo Heights, Bulverde, and Balcones Heights.